7 Secret Codes That Unlock Hidden Features in your phone

7 Secret Codes That Unlock Hidden Features in your phone.

Codes have a storied regular of baking in Secrets passageway or sometimes, just exciting little Easter eggs that can only be accessed by using inputting an exclusive key and so that culture continues in the mobile age.

Here are the codes.

1 subject mode-.*3001#12345#*

Type *3001#12345#* into your phone’s dialer and then press the green button to take delivery of field mode- which can give get right of entry to information about neighborhood networks and mobile towers.

2 General check mode_*#0*#

Prompts a library of exceptional smartphone operation, which may want to be operated with a single push eg sleep, front cam, and v, vibration.

3 Display your IMEI- *#06#

International mobile station Equipment become becomes the number, the but yo you already knew about.

The IMEI is special to your system backlist stolen Device thDevicescmer support.

4 Check your call forwarding: *#67#

This code allows you to test with the number your phone is presently forwarding calls to when you’re busy or reject calls

5 get even more information call forwarding:*#61#

How lengthy until a call is forwarded.

6 Hide your cellphone from caller ID: #31#

Tore. instate caller ID, enter *31#

7 Activate name waiting:*43#

This code for activate call waiting, it can deactivate it via entering#43#

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