Armed Robbers Again At Weija (Video)

The condition of frailty in the nation is increasing constantly. Ghanaians are grasped with dread regardless of confirmations from government and security foundations that they are large and in charge. The majority of the furnished looters utilize engine bicycles prominently called okada to perpetrate these appalling wrongdoings. There has been an entire discussion with regards to the utilization of okada in the country. 

It tends to be reviewed that during the 2020 mission before the races, the resistance National Democratic Congress tried to sanction okada and put in measures to control it. this was gone against by the decision New Patriotic Party who spelt out of the awful of the utilization of okada and guaranteed little vehicles for drivers and jobless individuals to supplant the okada. 

It’s been 9 months and the drivers are yet to get these little vehicles. Crime percentage in the nation has likewise gone up. The nation got awful news on June 14 when it was uncovered that looters on okada bicycles had assaulted a bullion van in Jamestown and shot the security man with the vehicle. Later a CCTV film showed how the crooks followed the alleged bullion vehicle till the spot they carried out their arrangement. 

Recently, there was one more occurrence at Achimota where a posse of outfitted looters on okadas while at a traffic intersection assaulted a woman in her vehicle and grabbed monies from the woman. They later hurried off on their bicycles. Today, Friday, another theft assault has been submitted again with okada bicycles at Weija. 

The furnished looters followed the proprietor of the vehicle and at a quiet intersection halted and serious the wrongdoing and later hurried off. This brings back the subject of why the burglars will in general utilize those engine bicycles. Many contend that it is intended for simple blending and moving through little places thus inclined to perpetrate violations. 

Some have contended that with the spate of wrongdoings with okada, it justifies Dr. Bawumia when he contended that the NPP won’t authorize it. Would it be advisable for it to then be prohibited or limited? Shouldn’t something be said about the people who get their every day bread from passing on travelers on them? Times are hard and many are doing anything conceivable to endure. Can the nation make due without the utilization of okada? Who is to be faulted for the instability; security work force, plenty of okada bicycles, financial difficulties? What do you think?