Ex-Military Man Refuses To Burry Wife For 16 Years To Payback Of Her Love

The world is becoming a mystery in the twenty-first century because how things were are not like that anymore. Day in and out, we hear stories which makes man to think everyday because God created everything perfect and placed things in other.

When we talk about death, it’s something God spoke about it to men but some people thinks no man dies. Others says death is inevitable and everyone will experience.

An Ex-Military man living abroad has done something which had made people to talk more on social media because it has never happened before.

The man who is called Brigadier Lee Van Tai Quang Nam has revealed what he has been doing to her wife who has died for sixteen years and keeping her fresh and neat and not to bury her.

Lee Van said that while he was a military man, her wife did everything for her in the name of love and that amazed him a lot. He has promised never to burry her wife till he also dies.

He has hired people who will work on the wife’s body everyday and he makes sure that his wife is neatly dress and looks beautiful. He talks to the dead body and do everything to her as a living human being.

Photos of the man and the dead wife

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