How to Send Video Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, constantly evolves to provide users with new and convenient ways to communicate. Sending video messages is one such feature that allows you to share moments with friends and family in a more engaging way. Whether you’re using the standard version of WhatsApp or looking forward to the upcoming changes, we’ll guide you through the process of sending video messages.

Sending Video Messages in the Current WhatsApp Version

If you’re a regular WhatsApp user and haven’t enrolled in any beta programs, sending video messages in the standard version of the app is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on Your Phone: Locate the WhatsApp icon on your home screen or app drawer and tap to open it.
  2. Choose a Chat: Select the chat or contact to whom you want to send the video message.
  3. Access the Camera: At the bottom right corner of your screen, you’ll find a camera icon. Tap on it to access your device’s camera.
  4. Select Video Mode: Once in the camera interface, you can either swipe left or tap the “Video” option at the bottom of the display. This will switch your camera to video mode.
  5. Record a Video: Hold down the video recording button to start capturing your video. You can record a message of the desired length.
  6. Review and Add a Caption: After recording, you can review your video. If you’d like to add a caption to provide context or express your thoughts, you can do so at this stage.
  7. Send Your Video: When you’re satisfied with your video and any added caption, tap the blue send arrow. Your video message will be sent to the selected contact or group.

It’s important to note that while sending the video message, WhatsApp technically uses your device’s camera app to record the video. Consequently, the video is saved to your camera roll in addition to being sent through WhatsApp.

The New Approach to Video Messages

WhatsApp is constantly refining its features, and an upcoming change will modify how video messages are handled. This change is aimed at providing users with more flexibility and immediacy in sending video and audio messages.

In this new approach, WhatsApp will introduce a dedicated button at the bottom of your display, replacing the existing microphone button. This button will enable you to record quick videos or audio messages that send instantly when you finish recording. Importantly, these quick video or audio messages will not be saved to your device’s camera roll, streamlining the process and saving storage space.

WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience ensures that sending video messages remains convenient and user-friendly. Whether you prefer the current method or are looking forward to the upcoming changes, WhatsApp continues to be a versatile platform for connecting with loved ones through multimedia messages.

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