I have died so many times and I am telling you No one is going to Heaven. Here is where you will go

Spirituality a mystery which can only be explained best by people who practice it and have had experience in it. One of the mysteries hidden to humanity is the after month of death. There are so many stories concerning the journey after death based on various religions. In this article we are going to read an experience shared by one of a spiritualist in Ghana named Quotation Master.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

A lot of people find his sayings weird and senseless, but if you should take time and analysis some of the things he says, they might make sense even though I may not side with him on all angels. Death basically means the separation of the soul from the body, as we all know the human is made up of these basic things, even though there are other elements which I wouldn’t like to go through for the purpose of these article.

Sometimes when we dream and find ourselves in a different location what it means is that, your soul is actually at that place whiles your body lies in your room, so the moment your soul gets back to your body that’s when you get up and then say, I had a dream. Some may argue but ask yourself why is that, if you dream that you are having sex, it sometimes manifest in real life where you will ejaculate.

If it was just a dream why then did it happen in real life? Well we have some people who are able to separate their souls from their body willingly, this act is termed as Astral Projection. Even some pastors who have acquired this knowledge practice it. This practice can in another way be termed as death, the reason being that. if the person decides not to enter back to his body, we will consider him dead.

data.According to Quotation Master, he has practiced this several times to explore the happening of the spiritual rhyme, and can say that he has been to heaven and hell, and will say that, no one is going to heaven. According to him the heavens are already occupied by heavenly bodies like the Angels, Arch Angels, Gods, Demi Gods, and other heavenly creatures.

He added that when we die we go to where we call as “Asamando” he said that is where the life after death journey continues and depending on your deeds you may live at a good place a bad place, or even be brought back to earth to pay for your sins.