Man shot in sunlight burglary at Achimota

+ Some armed men have made away with an amount of GH¢20,000.00 after robbing a woman at Achimota Old Station

+The armed men shot at a motor rider they mistook for a police officer

“The thieves bolted from the scene after the woman handed over

the cash she had withdrawn from the bank

‘Amotor rider has been shot by robbers who attacked a woman at

‘Achimota Old Station around midday, on Monday, September 20,2021

Reporting from the scene of the incident, Mark Bryon of UTV

narrated that the robbers who were on a motorbike trailed the woman

from the Universal Merchant Bank, Abeka Branch where she had

withdrawn an amount of GH¢20,000.00 and robbed her.

According to the reporter, the robbers in the act demanding the

money from the woman who was driving in her car mistook an

‘oncoming motor rider for a police officer and shot at him,

For fear of getting the motor rider who was shot for the second time

killed amid warming shots, the woman handed over the money to the

robbers who then bolted on their motorbike from the scene

Anuiltary team around the area arrived on the scene but met the absence of the thieves.

‘The reporter indicated that the man who was shot sustained injury to his hand while the woman who was robbed was left

traumatised from the event.