Microsoft Edge 117 Launches with Favorites Recovery and Feature Removals

Microsoft has rolled out an update for its popular web browser, Microsoft Edge, bringing it to version 117. While primarily touted as a security update, this release comes with both notable feature additions and the removal of some previously existing features. In this article, we’ll delve into what’s new in Microsoft Edge 117.

Security First, but No Specifics Yet

While Microsoft has emphasized that Edge 117 is primarily a security update, they have not yet disclosed specific details regarding the patched security issues. However, it’s reassuring to know that Microsoft is actively addressing security concerns, which is crucial for any web browser in today’s digital landscape.

It’s worth noting that a recent critical security issue related to WebP has already been addressed in a point update for the previous version, Edge 116, showing Microsoft’s commitment to promptly resolving vulnerabilities.

Feature Removals for a Streamlined Experience

One of the distinctive aspects of Microsoft Edge 117 is that it includes the removal of several features. Microsoft has stated that these removals are intended to “improve end user experience and simplify the More tools menu.”

Here are the features that have been removed from Microsoft Edge 117:

  1. More Tools Utilities: Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode have been removed. While these features may have been useful for some users, their removal appears to be part of an effort to streamline the browser’s interface and declutter the “More tools” menu.
  2. Web Select: This feature, which highlighted the closest edge of a web cell or table, has also been removed. The rationale, once again, is to enhance the overall user experience.

New Features and Changes

Despite the feature removals, Microsoft Edge 117 does introduce some new features and enhancements. One notable addition is the “Microsoft Edge Sync Favorites Recovery” feature. This feature is designed for users who utilize synchronization in the browser. It allows users to restore any favorites that may have been accidentally deleted or lost within the last 14 days.

While the specifics of this feature are not detailed in the announcement, users can access it from the Edge favorites hub or by entering “edge://favorites” directly in the browser.

In conclusion, Microsoft Edge 117 represents a security-focused update with a blend of feature removals and additions. The removals are aimed at streamlining the browser’s interface, while the “Microsoft Edge Sync Favorites Recovery” feature promises to be a valuable addition for users who rely on synchronization. As always, keeping your browser up to date is essential for a safer and more efficient web browsing experience. Users should expect this update to be installed automatically, but they can also manually check for updates through the browser’s settings.

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