Most Best Five Telegram channels in Ghana 2022/ Must Joined

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5. Stop Fooling

Stop Fooling is one most best channel on Telegram. This channel takes just six solid month to hit 100k Due to their best content they provide for there fans. It Provide Contents like Memes,Local Short clips, Funny videos and many more.

Preview of the Channel

Stop Fooling on telegram
Stopfooling on telegram

Hot Stage

In The 2020 (Pandemic Year) Hot Stage was the best Channel on telegram that was going viral base in Ghana with the help of their best content they provided every day and night. They provide content like News, Trending Video, leaks News and Other random Videos Such as Funny Videos

Hot Stage on telegram
Hot Stage on Telegram


If you are in Ghana, you will probably know akrobeto. This man is a Film Actress,Tv Presenter and A Comedian. As he also the Founder of Real News Shown on UTV. This telegram Channel has been Providing his Short Clip that tcause stir on social media. Especially his Real News Short clips. So if you are a ture fun of akrobeto, Then i highly recommend this Channel for you.

Preview of the Channel

Akrobeto on telegram
Akrobeto on Telegram

Ghana News

There is a channel On Called Ghana News. Guest what, If you are looking to hear news trending in Ghana, then i recommended you this Channel. It provides best content like trending News, Videos, Memes , breaking News and Many more base in Ghana.

Preview of the Channel

Ghana news on telegram
Ghana news on telegram

Am Pregnant

This channel is very similar to Stop Fooling, They also provide the same contents like Memes, savage Responses, Twitter savages and Many more. This channel also hit 100k in just 8 soild months.

The Preview of the channel

Am pregnant on telegram