The Ultimate Guide to AI-Generated Content

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online content creation, innovative approaches can make all the difference. If you’ve ever wondered how to maximize your earnings on Medium without spending endless hours writing, I’ll show you how I achieved just that, step by step.

Step 1: Medium Account Setup

  1. Head to and click “Get Started.”
  2. Select “Sign Up with Email.”
  3. Enter your email, follow the verification steps, and log in.

Step 2: Finding Viral Topics

  1. Explore trending topics on Medium.
  2. Take notes on what’s working for others.
  3. Build a list of at least 100 potential article titles.

Step 3: Google Ads Keyword Research

  1. Go to
  2. Use the Keyword Planner to discover popular keywords.
  3. Ensure there’s external interest in your selected topics.

Step 4: AI-Generated Content with SEO

  1. Sign up for free on SEO
  2. Use the one-click blog post option.
  3. Paste your selected title and configure the AI settings.
  4. Utilize image generation for visually appealing articles.
  5. Click “Run,” review, and copy the generated content.

Step 5: Posting on Medium

  1. Paste the AI-generated content into Medium’s writing page.
  2. Make any necessary humanizing edits.
  3. Repeat the process for multiple articles.

Step 6: Monetizing with Medium Partner Program

  1. Build a solid portfolio of AI-generated content.
  2. Apply for the Medium Partner Program.
  3. Ensure you meet eligibility criteria, including residing in an eligible country.
  4. If your country isn’t eligible, watch the tutorial on setting up a verified Stripe account for access.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Your Medium Journey

By combining AI tools like SEO with strategic topic selection, you can revolutionize your Medium journey. This approach not only saves time but also taps into external audiences, maximizing your potential earnings. Don’t just write; let AI elevate your Medium success. Embrace the future of content creation! 🚀💡

Note: Check the pinned comment for a list of eligible countries for the Medium Partner Program.

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