Video of a Man who helps policeman to arrest a driver, land in hunt

In the video this video an angry man was seen using force and anger to pull out a driver from his vehicle.

The uniformed officer stood in front of the driver to prevent the driver from driving off. It appears the officer had stopped the driver for an unknown reason or offense but refused to stop.

While opening the door of the driver’s vehicle to forcibly remove him from his car, the police officer joined the man in the act.

The driver of the private car then jeared off with the police officers. However, the uniformed police officer was able to get off from the moving car but it didn’t well with the other man as he ran along with the car.

Eye Witness at the scene could be head shouting Jesus’ name which shows that, something dangerous and deadly was happening. The last part of the video showed that the man was at the other side of the road after falling. He may have sustained some kind of injuries.

The driver of the car seems to be unknown for now but the Ghana Police which is led by IGP Dampale will surely bring the driver back.