Video of Duck Playing Seek and hide with Tiger gos viral, Watch who will win

Web-based media is a stage where we get to see numerous interesting recordings which make us chuckle a ton. One such interesting video of a duck is circulating around the web which is tightening with a lion water or we can likewise say that duck is playing find the stowaway game with a lion in water. Seeing this video, web clients are applauding the valiance of the duck in light of the fact that interestingly it has been seen that a little bird is meddling with the lion.

In this video, it tends to be seen that a lion is remaining on the bank of the lake and hops in the water in the wake of seeing a duck get it. When the Tiger goes close to the Duck to get it, the Duck takes a dunk in the water and emerges from elsewhere. It happens 3-4 times that Tiger attempts to get Duck and seeing Duck appears as though it is playing find the stowaway with Lion. After many endeavors, Tiger neglects to get the duck and needs to return without hunting. Web clients are giving their various responses in the wake of watching this video. A few clients are showing respect to the fortitude of Duck.